Birthdays & Anniversaries

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2011 La Folie, San Francisco Girl & the Fig, Sonoma Via Veneto, S.F. L’Ardoise, S.F. home from hospital: 10 friendsXXX 20th: Schubert’s chocolate mousse cake, home [19th Chapeau: Marcus, Nik, J] [Melisa & Ed’s, Ari, J]
2010 Jardinière dinner, S.F. (with S&D). Soto Mare Valentine dinner alone (17th) Family b’day chili crab (Ogden). Jennifer cooks: home (S.F.) La Folie dinner, S.F. Provo lunch (10) Yellowstone Lake Hotel 19th: Chapeau dinner, S.F. 18th: Zarzuela dinner, S.F. Linda Won’s, Gina
2009 [In rural hospital, Sant’ Arsenio, Campania, Italy] Picco’s, Larkspur (12)XXX Jennifer cooks: home (Tiburon) (9) Poggio bfst, Sausalito walks, Ritz-Carlton Dining Room dinner, S.F. 18th: Rain Tree Café bfst; Bittersweet; L’Ardoise dinner, S.F. 17th: Gary Danko At Melisa & Ed’s new home, New Rochelle
2008 Insomnia dinner, CHJMES, S’pore (w/ cousin George) Orson dinner, S.F. Clementine dinner, S.F. (11) dinner in Italy? Acquerello dinner, S.F. (6) Rose’s Cafe bfst., Palace of Legion of Honor (Women Impressionists), Hornblower Cruise dinner 17th: Ming Dynasty show; Laiola dinner, S.F., Chocolate Café dessert (locked in!) 16th: Cui restuarant, S.F. Poggio, Sausalito
2007 Lulu’s, San Francisco G cooks J b’day eve dinner in super-remote cabin, no electricity, Australia. E&R dinner Barossa Valley. great restaurant dinner in remote Australia town (New England region)XXX La Boulange, brunch; movie; Town Hall dinner, S.F. 16th: XXX 15th: Gary Danko, S.F. Ottawa/Montréal: (Aunt Joan, Jonathan, S&D, Melisa & Ed)
2006 First Crush, San Francisco Fringale Ritz-Carlton Dining Room Saddle Peak Lodge dinner with S&D, Los Angeles Michael Mina dinner, St. Francis Hotel, S.F. 15th: [in Hong Kong: Christine’s stroke] 14th: Choquet dinner, Fillmore St., S.F. Poggio, Sausalito
2005 Girl & the Fig, day in Sonoma Lark Creek Inn, Larkspur (R&B,C&B); Family @ Christine’s Fifth Floor dinner, S.F. Lark Creek Inn dinner, Larkspur (family); family dinner at M&M’s, S.F. Chez Panisse dinner, Berkeley. French Laundry dinner, Yountville too! 14th: [J's eye surgery recovery, Singapore] 13th: Acquerello dinner, S.F. home
2004 Santi dinner, Geyserville Jeanty at Jack’s dinner, S.F. Home: by La Table (E&T,R&B); Family @ Bartholomew winery, Sonoma; Champagne Bakery, Mill Valley Gary Danko dinner, S.F.XXX Hike to Kleine Scheidegg; Surprise diinner Silberhorn Hotel, Wengen, SWITZ (Christine, Mei). 13th: Quince dinner, S.F. 12th: Masa’s dinner, S.F. La Capilla
2003 Lebanese dinner in Holland Village, Singapore Home: by La Table (C&B,R&B,T);Pane e Vino (Christine) Charles Nob Hill dinner, S.F. Sent Sovi dinner, Saratoga (family); Foster Island (family)XXX 12th: XXX 11th: Elisabeth Daniel dinner, S.F. Lake Tahoe
2002 Curbside Bistro dinner; movie Moose’s diinner, S.F. (family & friends) dinner in Montone, Umbria, ITALY?XXX Wengen hotel dinner, Jungfrau, Switzerland 11th: French restaurant near St. Cyprian, Dordogne, France 10th: Left Bank Paris restaurant, near Seine, France Susan & Dwight’s, Sta. Barbara (Christine,Melisa & Ed, Marianne)
2001 Hawthorne Lane dinner, S.F. Christine’s law mee dinner (family); party with friends at home La Folie dinner, S.F.XXX Jardinière dinner, S.F. (with Marianne) 10th: [near Blairsden; after 9/11] 9th: Ritz-Carlton Terrace dinner Big Water Grill, Incline Village, Nevada (Melisa, Marianne)
2000???Amsterdam or Bruges dinner (?) ???? ???? Christine’s noodle (family) Mel’s bfst.; Magic Flute lunch (Christine); Campton Pl. dinner (delayed to 10.1; E&R) 9th: ???? 8th: At Donner Lake, CA (delayed to 9.28)Boston Market takeout family dinner (chemo)
1999 Meetinghouse dinner, S.F.Heirloom dinner (?), Sonoma Hotel Jakarta dinner, S.F. ????50th birthday party, afternoon, home, San Francisco (50) ???? 8th: Left Bank dinner (??), Larkspur 7th: dinner in León or Ribadesella, Spain (?)???
1998 7th: 6th:
1997??? Boulevard dinner, San Francisco (pending confirmation!) Jackson-Fillmore dinner, S.F.????XXX Surprise cake on plane from Fiji. North Island dinner, New Zealand 6th: ??? 5th: ??? Monterey: family + Brian & Gail
1996 Dipsea, Tenn. Valley hike, Tiburon Swedish bakery, movie, walk, Mel’s, 2nd movieTop of the Mandarin dinner Ritz-Carlton DR (Linda,Raja) Daily Brew, Noah’s, GGPk picnic, 2 movies, Mel’s-Geary????????? 5th: Greens lunch 4th: possibly celebrated at Sequoia Nat'l Park home: Gloria, Karen, Lisa, S&D, Melisa, Marianne
1995 Trader Vic’s, Singapore ranch/Continental rest. Sta Barb hills (family) Tío Pepe restaurant, Baltimore (San Diego, after Fay’s death) 4th: 3rd: Mendocino weekend home, San Francisco. G & J, Marcus, Melisa, Marianne, S & D, Linda & King, Raja et al (13)
1994 Compass Rose, Westin-Stamford Hotel, S’pore, 70th floor La Tour, Shangri-La Hotel, S’pore family dinner; Singapore party Surprise Mövenpick lunch, Boat Quay, S’pore (14) 3rd: 2nd: Italian restaurant at Marina Square, S’poreSngapore home: with Ellioit & Rachel & other guests, G & J, Christine, Melisa & Marianne
1993 Espresso, Goodwood Park, S’pore Compass Rose, Westin-Stamford Hotel, S’pore, 70th floor Domvs, Sheraton Towers, S’pore: G&J, Christine, Marcus, Lele; Seder; surprise home b’day celeb. American Club dinner, S’pore Cheng Ho dinner cruise, S’pore L’Espresso, Goodwood Park; stay at Excelsior Hotel 2nd: 1st: French restaurant at Le Meridien, Singapore; saw "Shoot the Piano Player" Singapore home: with guests
1992 J alone: Elliot & Rachel dinner Baltimore party; Harbor Ct. brunch: G&J, Fay, E&R 10,000 miles apart10,000 miles apart1st: 10,000 miles apart 0: Stansstad Hotel, Nidwalden, Switzerland! Singapore home: family, May & J’esse, Martin & Carol & Jeremy, Cary, Wendy; Also Ramekers’ with G & J, Christine, Marcus, Melisa & Marianne
1991(G&J had not yet met!) 0: Becton Dickinson Diagnostic Instrument Systems Friday "breakfast club" 10,000 miles apart