SeptSheperdstown, WV tripG & J’s Bagel meeting Fri. Sept. 13th; Becton Dickinson annual picnic 14th
Dec.J’s first trip to Asia: Singapore; Batam View family trip, Indonesia
Jan.G gives training in Kuala Lumpur, Guangzhou
FebG gives training in Kuala Lumpur, Brunei, Sarawak
AprilG comes to Baltimore for meetings and training. To Philadelphia to provide tech support. Camping with J at Cunningham Falls Park, Catoctin Mtns., Maryland
JuneJ visits Singapore again; G&J Cameron Highlands, Penang trip.
SeptG & J arrive separately in Zürich, marry in Buochs (24th); honeymoon traveling to Jungfrau, Matterhorn, etc.
OctG to Jakarta, Indonesia to give trainingSambal causes her some dysentery
NovNov. 20- Jerry arrives to settle in Singapore
DecFamily Segamat trip, trapped by floods. Sarawak family Xmas trip. G&J Jakarta, Puncak, Bandung trip.G lectures in Bandung
Jan.G&J Chinese wedding banquet at York Hotel for 100.
Feb2nd banquet at American Club. Grace travels to Malaysia, S. Korea, Taiwan, doing training & tech support for Becton Dickinson.
MarJ accompanies G to Hong Kong and Kunming; Dali trip.G does training in Kunming. J starts work at Hewlett-Packard. G does training in S. Korea.
AprilFamily goes on Becton Dickinson trip to Pulau Besar, E. coast of Peninsular Malaysia. J accompanies G to BeijingG does training in Taiwan. J’s friend solves BD’s big problems at Beijing trade show.
MayUS trip: Baltimore, San Diego, San Francisco
JuneJ starts 2nd full-time job: teaching at Nat’l U. of Singapore.
AugG delivers lecture at Cebu, Philippines. G & Corina Rameker deliver Marcus to Menlo College, California.
SeptNo. Sumatra organized tour — G&J’s last for 15 years! Batam View trip, G&J
Oct2 week Sulawesi trip: Makassar, Tana Toraja, Manado, Ternate in the Moluccas.
NovG lectures on Waste Management in Surabaya.
DecFamily trip to Hong Kong, Hanoi, Saigon, Mekong Delta, etc.Grace is unexpectedly pregnant! J’s NUS boss murdered!
Jan.New Year’s in Can Tho, Mekong Delta Jerry still teaching at NUS; keeps working at HP.
FebGrace has a miscarriage.
MarGrace has surgery for cysts
AprilGrace’s boss won’t allow her a trip to US; she quits Becton Dickinson!
MayBaltimore, Rehboth Beach, San Diego, San Jose, Carmel, San Francisco (Marcus), Stockton (Ruby), Chico, Calistoga
JuneBali trip with Jerry’s mother Fay, Melisa and Marianne.Jerry refuses deal, quits teaching at NUS; the University head who refused Jerry the promotion promised by his murdered boss is poisoned but survives. Jerry keeps working at HP.
JulyChristine has successful bypass surgery
AugG&J & housekeeper Sari return to her Central Java village; G&J go on to Jogjakarta.
OctWe announce our plan to move to San Francisco to Christine; she is invited to come but furiously refuses.
NovElliot & Rachel come from Baltimore to Thanksgiving. Then we go with them to Jogja (Borobodur, Prambanan too).
DecWe organize a family reunion to celebrate Christine’s & Fay’s 80th birthdays in Hong Kong. Fly to Xiamen ("Amoy") where Christine grew up with her, Fay & kids.
Jan.Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou scrapes & adventures. Melisa & Marianne return home for school with Christine. Marcus, Fay & we fly to Xian. Marcus & Fay return to the U.S. G&J go to Luoyang, Kaifeng & Nanjing.
AprilG&J Sta. Barbara, San Francisco: with Marcus search unsuccessfully for a house. Baltimore; STC conference in Washington, DC.
MayRhode Island, Cape Cod, Boston, Cambridge, Maine, Long Island
JuneTioman resort stay, off E. coast of Peninsular Malaysia (family)
JulyStephanie & Georgeanne visit us in S’pore. But Fay has a massive stroke; G&J fly to San Diego.
AugWe unexpectedly buy our current house. We pack up & move to S.F. with Melisa & Marianne.Jerry’s mother Fay dies.
SeptG&J drive to Mendocino to celebrate their wedding anniversary.Melisa & Marianne start school in San Francisco.
NovGold Country trip (family). 1st of 3 San Diego trips to clear Fay’s condo (?)
DecFamily trip to Baltimore, New York and Vermont.
Jan.Christine arrives in San Francisco (Jan. 1).
Feb2nd San Diego trip (?)
MarG & Christine fly to Hong Kong. J meets them in Singapore. G&J West Sumatra trip: Padang, Bukittinggi, Lake Maninjou.
MaySeattle: J lectures on basing yourself overseas at STC conference; Joel & Susan; Ruth in Olympia, Cindy in Roslyn
June3rd of 3 San Diego trips (?) Montréal (Joan & Harry), Ottawa (Jonathan), Toronto (Mike & Betty)…
JulyBuffalo (Ralph & Diane), Finger Lakes, New York, Long Island (Gloria & Harry), Baltimore (E&R et al)
AugSingapore trip (?)
SeptWe take Melisa to begin UCLA. Sequoia & Yosemite on the way home.
OctWe deliver Marcus to Salt Lake City & Provo to begin his LDS Mission in Houston.
NovSingapore trip
AprilSingapore trip?Poh Lee here
JuneManhattan: We stage Aunt Joan & Uncle Harry’s 50th wedding anniversary.
JulyG&J visit Tongatapu (Tupou), Ha’apai, Vava’u, then W. Samoa & Fiji.Marianne 6 weeks in Kenya, builds schools.
AugG&J tour New Zealand, N. Island. Meet Marianne & Christine in Singapore.
SeptChristine flees Singapore air pollution ("The Haze"), arrives for 5-month sojourn with us in San Francisco
NovFreq. Flyer 10-day trip to Barcelona, Murcia, Granada, Seville, Córdoba.
Jan.Yosemite trip (?)
FebWe bring Christine back to Singapore to prepare for The Move that July. UCLA trip to see Melisa’s performance.
MarGrace on board of Parents Coalition; helps run Public Affairs Council at her church
AprilGrace takes monoprint course.
MayVisit schools in Seattle with Marianne; Roslyn (Cindy)
JulyIn Singapore. We pack up Christine, move her to 82 5th Ave., San Francisco!
Augrenovating Christine’s house; she moves there from our house in October
SeptG&J’s first trip to Lake Tahoe
OctTomales Bay kayaking; lightning trip to Yosemite with Elliot & Rachel
Nov.England trip: Cotwolds, Devonshire Moors, Dartmouth, Mousehole. J breaks leg; Truro hospital, Brian & Gail in Salisbury. Jerry’s Thanksgiving Eve surgery back in San Francisco.
JanG starts painting class (thru May)
FebNew York, Shelter Island with Gloria, Baltimore, Blackwater Falls in snow with Elliot & Rachel.J on crutches thru March
MarSonoma trip, J still on crutches
AprilVisit Wash. U. in St. Louis with Marianne. Visit Melisa in Los Angeles.
JulyJ visits Marcus in Ogden.
AugustDrop Marianne in St. Louis; drive Denver-SLC; Marcus b’day; Yellowstone trip with Melisa, Christine, Poh Lee50 individuals attend Grace’s 50th birthday in our backyard.
SeptNorthern Spain, León, Ribadesella, Picos de Europa, La Coruña, Santiago de Compostela, Ávila, Salamanca.
OctMeet E&R in Toledo; Sevilla, Cádiz, Ronda, Granada; G&J alone: Calahonda, Madrid. Karen & Gabe wedding in NY
JanGrace in painting class (to May).
FebSt. Louis (Marianne), W. Lafayette (Bernie & Hope)Denver airport painting
MarchAmsterdam, Bruges
AprilSt. Louis trip with Christine (Marianne); Baltimore, Washington.
JuneHarvard 35th Reunion. Los Angeles tripLump discovered at Reunion. Breast Cancer Diagnosis Melisa’s graduation from UCLA
July North of Sonoma (1 night!)Surgery
AugustChemo begins— Aug. to Jan.
SeptSonoma trip. Donner Lake trip.
OctBig Sur trip
NovKenwood trip. Timber Cove trip.
DecClear Lake trip.
Jan.Saratoga trip.Finish chemo
FebOregon Coast, Portland, Ashland, Nevada City trip.
MarWeaverville, Trinity Alps with Christine.Radiation, 33 days.
AprilFinish radiation.
MayBass Lake trip. Bernie & Hope visit; Susan 60th dim sun
JuneSouth Carolina (Georgeanne), Durham (Joe P.); Baltimore; Amy Kurtz weddng, Kingston, NY
JulyStockholm; Norway: Balestrand, Oslo, Bergen, mailboat Geiranger Fjord,
AugTrømso, Kirkenes, Oslo
OctMt. Lassen trip; Grants Pass (Mary Lou & Gene)
NovIncline Village Thanksgiving with Melisa & Marianne.
April6 mos. in Europe: Montone in Umbria (5.5 wks)
MayFlorence, Rome, Rimini, Venice
JuneBellagio; Geneva; Beaune; London, Salisbury, Outer Hebrides, Highlands
JulyLucerne (8 wks); Zürich
AugJungfrau; Gornergrat; Swiss Fair; Davos-St. Moritz
SeptLyon; Dordogne; Brittany; Paris; Normandy
OctProvence; Nice
NovTucson trip: Dan & Christine’s wedding
FebSingapore trip with Christine
MarMt. Lassen trip
April(Lake Tahoe (Christine); Los Angeles trip)
MaySt. Louis, Ottawa trip (Christine)Marianne’s graduation
JuneLos Angeles trip (Christine)Melisa & Ed’s wedding
JulyNew York; Baltimore; drive X-country to Indiana; Black Hills; YellowstoneLisa & Dean’s wedding
AugOgden (Marcus); Grand Canyon N. Rim; Zion Park; San Francisco
SeptLake Tahoe (Mei & Ed)
OctSanta Fe trip
NovLake Tahoe Thanksgiving family trip
Jan.New Zealand So. Island: Christchurch, Mt. Cook, Queenstown, Milford Sound, Akaroa
AprilEngland trip: Salisbury (Brian & Gail), Oxford (Michael Sullivan), York, Yorkshire Moors, Yorkshire Dales, Lake Country
MayShropshire/Cardiff; Cotswolds; London. Chicago. Mexico City; San Miguel Allende/Guanajuato
AugSwitz trip (Christine, Melisa): Geneva, Jungfrau, Lucerne, Zürich
SeptPt. Reyes trip (Eileen & Ted)
OctSedona, AZ trip: Garland's
NovSan Miguel Allende/Guanajuato (family)
DecOgden tripMarcus & Marnae’s wedding
AprilAustria trip: Danube, Halstatt, Salzburg; Bavaria
MaySo. Tyrol, Italy; Graz, Vienna
AugWheeling, WV trip (E&R); Singapore (Christine)
SeptMelaka trip. Hong Kong (John Wong).J’s detached retina in Melaka, emergency surgery in Singapore
OctBoston…J's 40th college reunion
NovNew York (Melisa & Ed), Baltimore (E&R), Denver (Marianne)
DecRedding-Eureka tripG 3 days/2 nights in Mt. Zion Hosptial for cellulitis, starting Christmas morning
FebArgentina: Mendoza, Iguazu Falls, Brazil, Buenos Aires
AprilSalisbury (Brian & Gail); Amsterdam, Utrecht (Julie & Chris); drive to Schleswig Holstein; all around Denmark’s Jutland; Copenhagen
JuneRR across Canada, stops in Vancouver; Jasper-Lake Louise, Columbia Icefields; Winnipeg; Toronto; Ottawa (visit Aunt Joan) Montréal (meet E&R); Quebec; G&J on to New Brunswick, Cape Breton Iland, Sydney, Halifax
AugSanta Barbara trip (S&D); Los Angeles (Lisa, Dean, Hannah Pilar, Karen)
SeptHong Kong, with Marianne, after Christine’s stroke
NovLake Tahoe trip; Utah to visit baby granddaughter Nevaeh
DecSingapore, with kids & newborn Nevaeh, to visit Ahmah on her arrival in Singapore
Jan.Chiang Mai, MaeSa Valley, Bangkok, Thailand; Taipei & environs
AprilAustralia: Brisbane, NE Highway, Hunter Valley, Sydney (meet E&R); Blue Mtns; Adelaide, Wilmena Pound with stars, Barossa Valley, coast, Melbourne; J&G alone to Tasmania
MayOn to Singapore. Memorial Day camping in Utah with Marcus & family, Marnae’s parents & friends.
JuneMendocino trip with Marianne. G&J trip to Klamath Falls, Crater Lake, OR.
JulyGrants Pass, Ashland, OR
SeptIndiana to see Bernie & Hope, and cousin Paul Huang & Carol; Red Lake, NW Ontario; Kenora; Roseau, MN; Grand Forks, ND
OctDenver to visit Marianne; NY & Mohonk to visit Meilisa & Ed; Philadelphia to visit Pattey & kids; Baltimore to visit Elliot & Rachel et al.
NovLake Tahoe. Ottawa for Thanksgiving with Aunt Joan & Jonathan, S&D, Melisa & Ed; G&J to Montréal
Jan.Hawaii: Oahu & Kauai. Singapore (Grace day-trip to Kuala Lumpur); G&J Batam one-nighter.
MarGlen Ellen B&B stay.
April"Scouting" trip to Southern Italy: Sorrento, the Cilento, Castellabate. Left for S’pore because Christine in hospital.
MayNew York, Denver, Rocky Mtn. Park trip.Melisa J.D. from Fordham Law, Marianne MBA from Denver U.
JuneUtah lake/reunion trip (Marcus, Marnae, kids)
JulyAshland Shakespeare Festival; Grants Pass (Mary Lou)
SeptLake Tahoe.
OctSingapore sojourn; lv for N. India tour Oct. 31.
NovDelhi, Jaipur, Rajastan, Orchha, Kajuraho, Varanasi, etc. Back to Singapore. Thanksgiving at home with Melisa & Ed, Marcus & Marnae & kids, S&D.
DecFuriously pack up house for our intended 1 year in Teggiano, house renovation!
FebArrive Rome, drive to Teggiano, Campania. Rent an apartment with great view for one year but — after only 2 weeks in Italy — Grace has to return to S.F. for treatment.Pain forces Grace to a rural hospital. The cause is a pleural effusion — a metastasis to the lung lining. Fluid is drained (thoracentesis) to reduce the pain and make it possible for her to fly home.
MarInverness/Point Reyes trip (VRBO)
AprilLake Tahoe tripDrive to Incline Village ER in snow for breathing difficulty
MayGrace’s mother Christine, 95, dies. Grace cannot travel but Melisa & Ed, Marianne & Marnae all fly to Singapore.
JuneHealdsburg trip (VRBO)
JulySanta Barbara trip (S&D)Grace has a difficult ride down 101 and later has to spend a day in the ER in Santa Barbara.
AugAshland Shakespeare Festival (VRBO); Grants Pass (Mary Lou); Jacksonville (Karen Giese)
SeptLake Tahoe trip
OctCamden, Maine sojourn (VRBO) with Melisa; G&J to Moosehead Lake in the North WoodsSevere pains in back, wrist
NovThanksgiving in New Rochelle (Melisa & Ed’s new house); Baltimore (E&R)
DecWest Carribean cruise with Melisa & EdOral Xeloda chemo stops the pain. Grace now experiences 8 or 9 months (not counting the sudden surgery in April) that are the closest to normal she will get.
Jan.Key West trip with Melisa
FebYosemite trip
MarOgden trip (Marcus, Marnae, Nevaeh, Mitchell). Grace considers Jerry’s proposal of a trip to England or Italy "too tame." She investigates our friend Merrill Higham’s Israel-Jordan trip that we had earlier tried twice to make.
AprilGrace travels solo to Ogden for Mitchell’s 2nd birthday!Emergency surgery for fluid around the heart, 8 days before plane leaves for Israel & Jordan.
MayIsrael & Jordan tour organized by Merrill Higham, with Melisa & Ed.
JuneAshland Shakespeare Festival; Jacksonville (Mary Lou & Carol)
JulyWest Marin "practice" camping trip with Marcus. Santa Barbara trip (S&D)
AugDrive to Yellowstone via Oregon & Idaho; Utah friends; Flaming Gorge camping with Marcus, Marnae, Nevaeh, Mitchell
SeptGrace & Linda Stinson Beach trip. G&J 2 Russian River trips.
OctCollege reunion, Cambridge; New York (Melisa & Ed); Bklyn wedding (Bernie & Hope), Baltimore
NovThanksgiving in San Jose (Linda & Gina)
DecEureka trip
Jan.Yosemite and Santa Barbara trip (S&D)
FebLake Tahoe trip with Elliot & Rachel
MarPacific Grove trip. S&D 130th b’day in Sta. Barbara
AprilItaly trip: Apulia, Teggiano, Umbria (Marcus, Marnae, Marianne, Stig), San Quirico d’Orcia, Venice
MaySouth Lake Tahoe trip
JuneBad chemo, loses 15 lbs. To ER & hospital Sun. 6/26.
JulyCould NOT go to Ashland Shakespeare Festival (S&D took our place)Cancer detected in brain. Ommaya surgery, chemo, infection detected & cured, radiation. Loses ability to walk.
AugLoses ability to talk 7/31. Home 8/2, 24-hr care. Many visitors, many from far away.
SeptStops chemo, officially hospice 9/1. Talks more 15th. Dies Sun morn. 18th.